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We offer design services for all aspects of hardware design including Analog, Digital, and RF. We are experts in RTL design (Verilog, System Verilog, and VHDL), close to metal driver design, and operating systems including bare metal and FreeRTOS.

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Core Competencies:

FPGA Design

FPGAs are a great solution for hard real time systems with demanding IO and computational needs. We have a rich library of tools and processes that demystify FPGAs and allow you to tackle the TRL. Contact us for part selection, system architecture, DSP design and algorithm development.

Embedded Systems

A properly designed embedded system will enhance a product with reliability and integrity. With over 40 years of combined design experience, Sharp End Labs’ principal consultants know what it takes to engineer a solution from requirements to production.

Hardware Design

As a full-stack engineering solution provider we are able to design and integrate electronic hardware quickly and efficiently.  Let us take you from the whiteboard to the lab bench with our rapid prototyping design and assembly service.

Test and Automation

Who doesn't LOVE Python?  Python and SCPI means that complex RF Measurements don't have to be difficult.  We have a library of tools to control lab instruments, perform consistent measurements and persist data efficiently.

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From Phased Array Antenna Control and Digitization to Software Defined Radios, we have the skills and experience to serve the mission.

Sharp End Labs’ proven infrastructure tools and techniques allow your team to focus on the end application and not the myriad obstacles that can slow or derail a project.


From Phased Array Antenna Control and Digitization to Software Defined Radios, we have the skills and experience to serve the mission.


As a small niche consulting company we are able to partner on challenges in a way that big companies cannot.  Our collaboration will enhance your core competencies especially on the biggest technical challenges,

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We have become a preferred partner to leading biofuel refiners, major oil companies, blenders, retailers, and other commodity companies.
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